Weather Conditions



Latest Update: September 27, 2016

Oktoberfest Weather Conditions

We’ve got some Pure Michigan fall weather in store for the weekend. Temperatures are warm with high in the mid to high 60’s. There is a slight chance of rain, but don’t worry. If we get some showers we will have areas where you can seek shelter and still enjoy the party.

***Dress for the weather– remember this event is outside. Our tents will help keep you dry if we get some rain, but an umbrella is never a bad idea. While the temperature for the day is warm, as the sun goes down it might get a little. Layered clothing will be another good idea. And don’t forget your bug spray either!


Rink, Run, and Trail Report

SkateCLOSEDClosed for the season
Ice LugeCOSEDClosed for the season

XC SkiCLOSEDClosed for the season
SnowshoeCLOSEDClosed for the sesaon
SledCLOSEDClosed for the season
Summer Luge & Archery RangeCLOSEDClosed for the season