Summer Adventures


Summer Adventures
Open Weekends, Memorial to Labor Day, 10am – 2pm

Don’t Wait for Snow. Luge in the Summer.summer luge

Slide down the only wheel luge track in North America! Wheel luge is done on a specially designed track with the same sleds we use on the ice, but with wheels attached. The track is separate from the ice track, and is a great learning tool to introduce participants to the sport year-round! The design of the track, adaptive equipment and surrounding common areas also accommodate persons with disabilities.  Despite being shorter and slower than our ice track, it still delivers a lot of fun, with the average run taking approximately 9 seconds while covering 300 feet of track.

Pricing for Summer Lugesummer luge track

  • $10.00 per person for 4 luge runs
  • Super Pass: $15.00 per person for 4 luge runs and archery (3 rounds of 5 arrows)
  • Tickets for summer luge are not sold in advance. Guests are served on a first come, first served basis, but wait times are never more than 15 minutes.

Trail Quest- A Game For People Who Like Adventure

If you like the adventure of an escape room or geocaching, then Trail Quest is the activity for you. It takes the fun of treasure hunting and problem solving out on the trails of Muskegon State Park. A map will help you find lock boxes throughout the trails. Solve the riddle to open the box and collect points. Collect as many as you can in under an hour.

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Pricing for Trail Quest

  • $20.00 per person
  • Includes vouchers for wheel luge and archery
  • Tickets should be purchased in advance
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target-934704_640Become an Expert Archer

In the summer, State Park visitors can stop by the Sports Complex for a round of archery guided by an instructor. All participants receive a quick lesson explaining the basic fundamentals of archery. Participants can then shoot rounds of arrows at our controlled archery range. This activity is fun for all ages 6 and older.


Pricing for Archery

  • $10.00 per person for 3 archery rounds (5 arrows each)
  • Super Pass: $15.00 per person for 4 luge runs and archery (3 rounds of 5 arrows)

Summer Adventure Equipmentbow-929920_640

All equipment and instruction is provided with the purchase of a pass. Sneakers, long sleeve shirts and long pants are highly recommended to protect your skin from fiberglass “burns” in case you brush up against the side of the luge track.Participants must be at least 5 years of age.

Book A  Group Outing

Looking for a fun way to get your group working together while staying active in the outdoors. The Sports Complex offers group outings for all different types of groups. We can plan a few hours or an entire day for your group with more than just entertainment, but skills and lessons for your group to take away.

Perfect for:

  • Corporate leadership development
  • Athletic team building
  • Classroom field trips
  • Scout Outings
  • Friday night fun seekers
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Stay at a Nearby Campground

Camp right across the street or on the Muskegon channel at Muskegon State Park, or bike or hike just minutes up the road to Pioneer County Park. Each campground has spectacular accomodations for family camping all summer long.

Muskegon State Park Pioneer County Park