Trail Quest

A game for people who like adventure

If you like the adventure of an escape room or geocaching, then Trail Quest is the activity for you. It takes the fun of treasure hunting and problem solving out on the trails of Muskegon State Park.

How You Play

Typically, Trail Quest is played with at least two teams of two or more people, but as many as a couple hundred could play if you were planning a group outing. The way it works is each team gets a map with checkpoint plotted throughout the Sports Complex. Each check point on the map indicates the location of a locked box with a token inside that’s worth points. The objective of the game is to collect as many points as possible in a set amount of time. But here’s the trick… to unlock the boxes you must first solve a riddle. Your map will help you along the way with some clues, but this is the game that requires endurance and brains.

What You get Out of It

Trail Quest isn’t about big grand prizes. It’s about getting active in Muskegon State Park in a fun way. That doesn’t mean things won’t get competitive. If you’re serious about winning bragging rights you will find this activity to be challenging and rewarding. Not only will you have fun, but most participants walk between 1.5 to 3 miles while playing, so you’ll get plenty of exercise while you’re playing. And for students, athletes and corporate groups, there’s some great team building lessons you’ll take away from this activity.

Who Can Play

The beauty of Trail Quest is it can be offered to a variety of age groups. The maps are customized to meet the ability level of any particular age or type of group.

  • Young children
  • Families
  • Friday night fun seekers
  • Corporate team building retreats
  • Boy and Girl Scouts
  • Youth groups
  • Classrooms
  • Serious athletes

Book Your Group Reservation

Have the most fun by booking a private reservation for your group. To book a private reservation we require a minimum of 10 people, but we can accommodate up to a couple hundred people in a group. Trail Quest can also be combined with our other year-round offerings of luge and archery. Group pricing starts at $25/person and discounts are offered to groups of 15 people or more. We can also include a meal package and bonfire for extra fun with you group outing.

Get Pricing Info or Make a Reservation

Drop in on a weekend

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day the Sports Complex is open to people who want to drop in for wheel luge, archery or Trail Quest. No minimum number of participants is required. rather than competing directly against teams at the same time, we will record times and scores over the course of an entire weekend. The best score over the weekend will be announced on Facebook the following week and the winner will receive free passes to the Sports Complex for our winter activities. Weekend competitors can participate alone or in a group of up to six people. No reservation is required. The Sports Complex is open from 10am to 2pm Saturday and Sunday, but Trail Quest Participants must arrive by 1pm to have their score accounted for.