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  • Youth Luge League - The Youth Luge League is a grassroots program for youths ranging from 8 to 16 years old. This program develops basic skills and race techniques for participants. Skills are developed by runs down the track and coaches monitoring individual runs. Selected youth are eligible to travel to Lake Placid for further screening to be selected […]
  • Recreation Passport - Starting Jan. 1, 2018, the DNR will begin charging a $5 convenience fee for Michigan resident Recreation Passport purchases made at the State Park. That means if you purchase your Recreation Passport at the complex you will now pay a total of $16. See more information at michigan.gov/recreationpassport
  • 2018 Luge Tickets Now On Sale - Tickets for the 2018 winter luge season are now on sale. A limited number of tickets are on sale for each weekend session. Purchase your tickets now for the upcoming winter.

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"Why is the dirt jumping?"
This is a question often asked by skiers and snowshoers on these warmer sunny days. Well this video will give you the answer and you can witness the "jumping dirt" yourself if you come out and hit the trails today! #TheMoreYouKnow🌠

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Check out what the ski trails look like at night from above. Thanks Arconic Foundation and Kendall Electric for the new LED lights. Compared to our old HPS fixtures they save tons of energy and provide a more focused light reducing light pollution. Special thanks to pilot Brandon Bolde for submitting this photo taken from 2000’ above the park. Come out and ski under the lights tonight! ...

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