Part of the Muskegon Sports Council mission is to uphold the environmental standards of Muskegon State Park to ensure its continued quality and enjoyment. Our operation depends on the well being of not only our the local ecosystem in the State Park, but our global environment at large. Over the years we have taken several measures to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize any negative impact our operation might have on the earth.

LED Lighting

In 2016, the Arconic Foundation awarded the a $50,000 grant to replace our facility’s existing lighting with energy efficient LED lamps. Along with the help of Kendall Electric and Cooper Lighting, we replaced over 250 light fixtures throughout the Complex. This included lighting along three miles of cross-country ski trails, two luge tracks, the ice skating rink and trail, and the lodge. This project will result in a significant reduction of carbon emissions, as well as provide utility and maintenance savings for our organization, allowing us to reallocate these funds toward advancing our mission.

Sustainable Products and Recycling

For the 2017 season, we made a commitment to using sustainable, eco-friendly products at our Snowshoe Cafe. Styrofoam and plastic products, like disposable plates, cups, cutlery and serving trays were replaced with paper based products that are biodegradable. Recycling service was donated to the Complex by Kuerth’s disposal to ensure that as much of our waste as possible is kept out of landfills.

The kindergarten class from Reeths-Puffer Pennsylvania Elementary also helped with our sustainability efforts with their donation of a water bottle refilling station and recycling bins inside the Sports Complex Lodge. The water bottle refilling station will allow customers to use non-disposable water bottles for drinking, keeping disposable water bottles out of landfills. The recycling bins give our customers the opportunity to participate in our sustainability efforts as well.

Restoring the Environment